Is there any preparation required for installation?

The main criteria for the installation are a horizontal surface that is sufficiently compact so that it does not sink in any direction. We recommend, for example, concrete, paving stones or wood, and it is advisable to consider the location of the sauna so that it receives as little moisture as possible from below, in order to ensure a long life of the sauna.

How many people can fit in the sauna?

Our "Suana Egg" model is spacious for 2 people lying down and 4 people sitting down, but can also comfortably seat up to 6 people.

What are the electrical network requirements for a sauna with an electric heater?

Basically, a 3-phase system is required, 5x2.5 copper wires, 3x10A, 3x400V

Who does the electricity connection?

The electrical wiring of the sauna must be done on site by a professional. Our company does not do this because each installation environment has its own specific conditions. Of course, the electric stove and the lighting are installed in the sauna during the installation.

Are there several different models?

Currently, the "Suana Egg" model exists, but our design team is constantly working on new models.

How fast can they deliver?

You can enjoy our sauna in up to four to six weeks.

Is the installation of the sauna an extra cost?

Delivery and installation within a 50 km radius are included in the price. Outside a 50 km radius, we charge an additional mileage fee, which depends on the current fuel price, please call us for more information!

If you have any further questions, please contact us!