The benefits of outdoor pod saunas


Nowadays, small outdoor saunas and barrel saunas are becoming increasingly popular, as they have many advantages that a traditional sauna cannot necessarily offer. These saunas are also very attractive because of their unique appearance and design, so more and more people are choosing them to enhance their home wellness experience.

One of the main advantages of barrel or egg saunas is the natural, healthy sauna experience they provide. The sauna is able to maintain a healthy high humidity even at high temperatures, so it is gentler on the skin and less stressful on the body than traditional saunas. If you prefer to use a high-stone stove, you can achieve higher humidity levels, so you can enjoy the wellness experience of a larger sauna at lower temperatures. In addition, the barrel or egg shape can also be advantageous for us, as it helps to distribute the heat energy evenly, so that the body does not experience the same intense and stressful effects as in traditional room-width saunas. An egg-shaped sauna may be more comfortable in size and more ergonomic in design than a barrel-shaped sauna.

They are also easy to use, take up little space and can be easily installed in any location where there is enough room to install them. Installation does not necessarily require the help of a professional, making them easy and inexpensive to set up. And the result is guaranteed: a completely unique, stylish and practical wellness sauna in your own home that will meet your needs to the maximum.